Why Are Christians So Divided? Part 1


I was built-in in a Buddhist family. I became a Christian in 1999 afterwards a able all-powerful appointment that healed me from cancer. I suffered astringent animality in the easily of ancestors and accompany as a aftereffect of my abolitionist conversion; my Bible was torn and I was barred from any Christian association. This animality alone added my adulation and ache for The Truth. A affectionate Christian acquaintance sneaked a baby Bible into my hands. Any befalling I had, and abroad from prying eyes, I would hungrily absorb every Chat accounting in this Book.

From aboriginal on I took God at His Word, for He is The Word. I amusement Scripture as Holy, and with reverence. I would cartel not add or yield abroad from The Word, for to do so would be to yield abroad from who He is, or to add to who He is. My hearts admiration was, and is, to apperceive Him and accept Him, and His plan for the New Creation through the Creation.

How the Holy Spirit Teaches:

From the alpha of my Christian airing I began to catechism abounding doctrines such as abiding hell, tithing, and rapture theories in the church. I was afflicted by the abounding confusions and disagreements amidst Christians. I bare to apperceive The Truth about these capacity riddled with altercation and contradictions. In my adoration time I would ask The Holy Spirit to advice me to accept God’s affection in these matters. In 2005 The Holy Spirit accomplished me the a lot of amazing way to draw from the Holy Scripture. My aboriginal assignment was on tithing. I absitively to address every Scripture apropos to the ‘tithe’ in the Bible. I bought a Strong’s Concordance and tediously aggregate all assessment accompanying Scripture and typed them all together, alone to accept that tithing was not God’s bidding to Christians.

Excited and encouraged by this aboriginal lesson, I began to ask about accepting a Geneva Bible and was told about E-sword, a absolute online Bible abstraction tool. Anytime back I laid my easily on online Bible abstraction accoutrement The Holy Spirit began to yield me through the a lot of amazing journey. My assignment became abundant easier and faster. No amount what topic, I would be athirst to apperceive The Truth. I would accumulate every individual Chat on that topic, accomplish a accumulation of it, and again put it into context. In adjustment to actuate the context, I had to abstraction the Hebrew and Greek words anxiously as the aforementioned chat could accept altered meanings. Even admitting this complex charge and continued hours of study, the joy it brought to my affection was unspeakable. I began to see the a lot of amazing accord in Scripture, and how a lot of of what Christians said was not what Holy Scripture said. I became one with God and Christ through His Holy Scripture and by the ability of His Spirit. The aftereffect was that I never ancient from my aboriginal adulation for Christ, and remained anytime so amorous in Him, for Him, for His people, His prodigals, and His Kingdom to come.

Knowing the Chat is altered from alive about the Word. It is easier to apperceive anyone carefully if we accept that being physically about us. This is not the case with God and us. All what we accept is His Chat and His Spirit. Even admitting God has appointed agents in the church, the crisis lies that we may put too abundant aplomb in them and abatement into absurdity and division. The aboriginal abbey was stricken with this catching (1 Cor 3, 4 KJV), and it will alone be the affliction as the age (aion) now comes to a abutting and the end draws abreast (2 Pet 2 and 3, Jude 1, 2 Tim 3). The Lord Himself warned us of end time deceivers (Matt 24).

My writings are to allotment my acquaintance with The Holy Spirit as my Teacher, Who helps me to accept God and His plan for The Creation and the New Creation.

The Cause for Division:

God allowable the physique of believers to advance unity. As a convert, I wondered why Christians who apprehend the aforementioned Bible had so abounding denominations and differences, aggravating to argue anniversary added that their article is the alone actual one? I asked myself the catechism how or why Christians were so disconnected on the Chat of God if the Trinity of God is in accord with it? I begin the acknowledgment in the Bible itself; the culprit was none added than the serpent, but the abortion was on our allotment for not acquirements as Christ did.

It is the a lot of amazing adventure to get to apperceive our Creator through His Chat and by His Spirit. I acknowledge God that He has appear the end (The Book of Revelation or The New Creation), from the alpha (The Book of Genesis or The Creation).

I appear to Him as His child. I do not ask God why He did what He did if He created the blast and the earth. I ask that He advice me to apperceive and accept Him and His absurd plan for the New Creation through the Creation. God is an amazingly affiliated Trinity, and His Chat is in absolute accord from Genesis to Revelation. What I draw from His Chat is so altered to what a lot of Christians accept been adage to me. So I am autograph down how, and what, He helps me to understand.

Deut 29:29 (KJV) “The abstruse things accord unto the Lord our God: but those things which are appear accord unto us and to our accouchement for ever, that we may do all the words of this law.”

2 Tim 3:16 (KJV) “All scripture (Graphe Strong’s G1124) is accustomed by afflatus of God, and is assisting for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for apprenticeship in righteousness:”

The alone way to abstain analysis and doctrinal absurdity is to accurately accept The Holy Scripture by because the aboriginal Hebrew and Greek words, in befitting with the context. The sum of the Chat of God is The Truth (Psalm 119:160 KJV). It will not belie itself, it is cohesive, and Scripture interprets Scripture. Christ said that “… the Scripture cannot be broken..” (John 10:35 KJV).

Exegesis, and not eisegesis, is the able way to apperceive The Truth. Exegesis is the action of digging into the biblical argument and cartoon the acceptation out of the text, admitting eisegesis is advancing to the argument and account one’s adopted estimation into the passage. The Bereans were commended for analytic the Scriptures circadian to apperceive The Truth:

Acts 17:10-11 (KJV)

“10 And the aggregation anon beatific abroad Paul and Silas by night unto Berea: who advancing thither went into the abbey of the Jews. 11 These were added blue-blooded than those in Thessalonica, in that they accustomed the chat with all address of mind, and searched the scriptures daily, whether those things were so.”